What to Include in Your Parent Conference Sign in Sheet

You’re on your first conference, wondering what to include in your parent conference sign in sheet and if you you need to pay attention on even a small detail in this parent teacher conference sign in sheet you must fill.

There are several important points you need to include in your parent conference sign in sheet, in which they document the attendance. Check out this short list and the explanation.

What to Include in Your Parent Conference Sign in Sheet

Title of Conference and Details of Event

parent conference sign in sheetFor example, Parents – Teacher Conference, Summer 2019. This title should remind all attendances on why they are here and what to expect during the meeting. This should also help you to recall the event when you need to. Type it large and clear on top of the sign in sheet.

Name Field

Now this is a small detail you can’t forget when creating your parent teacher conference sign in sheet. Of course, parents will expect to see you in this conference, but it is still important to type your name. It gives them assurance, and it is even more important if you invite other expert speaker in the conference.

Number Column

This seems like an obligation only if you don’t know why it is important. By adding the number column in your parent teacher conference sign in sheet, you can monitor on how many attendance attend the meeting. This should help you to reach out those who can’t make it later on.

Name Column

This column in most parents sign in sheet template, is supposed to tell you the name of parents attending the conference. Even though they mostly fill out the column by stating their kid’s name instead, this is still useful. If there is any of the parents who don’t come, you would know, and you can send an update on what they miss.

Signature and Time of Arrival Column

This column is more like an affirmation that they actually attend the conference, and not just fake attendance made by other parent. It also shows that they get the material you distribute and share, so you don’t need to send them any material later so they are still updated.

This column is crucial. It tells you how much each parent get during the conference. If they come in punctually, they get everything since the beginning. However if they are late, you should know how much conference they miss. Thus, you know what to update, who to contact when you need to and so on.

Just like that, you’ve done your first sign in sheet for meeting and you now have parent teacher conference sign in sheet pdf you can use later. Make sure to include those five points in you parent conference sign in sheet, save it somewhere safe, and you’re done!

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