These Online Games for Teenage Girls Might Actually be Good for Them!

Before we even delve into what online games for teenage girls that I might actually approve of, it is probably more important to address this issue we have in hand. Even more so, as parents of teenagers.

Many of us are concerned on how this phenomenon affect our teenagers, since not all of us can detach our kids from their screens.

Technology has become that two-sided knifes we all worry of getting cut, instead of using it in our advantage.

But is it really that bad?

We can consider online games as the modern version of video games where it is no longer a question of defying “the machine” but of confronting other users.

Playing online enables our kids to interact with other teenagers, find friends to play and develop strategies together, or even challenge themselves in a sense that video games on the Internet are becoming some kinds of form of communication, of expression and thus contribute to socialization.

Numerous studies have shown that video games can also strengthen certain cognitive functions such as concentration, working memory; an opportunity for teens to learn how to develop reasoning and problem-solving strategies, and to develop their imagination and creativity.

All that said, those many “benefits” depend largely on the proper use of the game and its content. Excessive use and inappropriate content of video games can have literally opposite effects. This is where parental guidance needs to play its part.

Having a daughter, I need to be aware of the issues that come with allowing my kid to play online games. I am always on the hunt for online games for teenage girls that might benefits them, rather than prohibiting my kid from using video games all together. An approach that might backfire bad at the end.

If you’re anything like me, these online games for teenage girls can come pretty handy, real soon.

1. Runescape Virtual Games
A huge fantasy world populated by unique races, guilds and ancestral gods fighting for power. RuneScape offers over 200 thrilling quests, all-new skills and even more ways to play than before.

These Online Games for Teenage Girls Might Actually be Good for Them

IMVU is an online social game where members use 3D avatars to escape and meet new people, chat, create and play games with their friends.

Players can live an incredible virtual life in a fabulous virtual world, where they can get married and even adopt a cute virtual baby!

3. SuperSecret
Another virtual world setting where the player can meet many new people to play with. Here they will have their very own character with great customization options. They can use the music maker to produce cool tunes to listen and dance to with their friends. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

When should you start to worry?

Please remember how essential it is to have recourse to the numerous technical measures which will help protect your kids from inappropriate content, such as: firewalls, parental control software, etc.

Although it is true that not all teenagers using online video games necessarily have pathological issues with them, these behaviors can be the signs of warning that things may already be out of hands.

  • If your kid becomes “addicted” to the video game, which means it has become his main, if not unique, center of interest; to the point of losing interest and gradually giving up other activities that had previously pleased him
  • If your kid has become irritable, bored or anxious when he/she does not have access to their game and are unable to control or reduce the time spent playing?
  • If your kid started to isolate himself from his social relationships, and gradually isolates himself.

It is also equally important that parents observe these possible effects on their kid’s mood and behavior. Question yourself, is your kid getting sad, irritated, angry easily? or probably get more distracted these days?

I know this article is supposed to be about recommendation for online games for teenage girls. I apologize. I think in the end of the day, we know our kids best. On that note, let us all be more aware that addiction is very often the consequence and not the cause of discomfort.

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