Setting Up Auto Reject List Galaxy S6: Auto Reject Calls You Don’t Want

Auto reject list Galaxy S6 is one the features you might need as you see those numbers keep coming on your screen with you running out of words that works well as a simple, plain “no”. Getting annoyed with those spam telemarketing calls that usually come in different last 3 digits rotation to avoid you using the very function to auto reject calls galaxy S6?

Let me help with that.  Why? Because like love, some calls are not meant to be. I got you.

Apparently, Samsung too. They know this function to auto reject calls galaxy s6, is just something you and I need every once in a while. It’s nice to be understood, now isn’t it?

Setting Up Auto Reject List Galaxy S6: Here is How You Can Block the Numbers Manually.

Auto Reject List Galaxy S6

The easiest way to activate the auto reject list on galaxy 6 is by going to you Call Log of your phone and go from there.  Launch your phone app from the Home screen and choose Call Log.

Here, you will see the numbers you want to avoid, and press long or choose the three dots on the top right to go to ‘more’ option. Choose the Add to Auto Reject List Galaxy S6, and you’re done.

Blocking from Auto Reject List to Auto Reject Calls Galaxy S6.

Like the first method above, you can opt in for this menu by going to your phone call app as well.

auto reject calls galaxy s6

Go to dial pad, and add the numbers manually or just copy them from from call log, messaging app or other app you get the contact from. In the top-right corner, choose More option to show dropdown menu that will allow you to click on the ‘settings.’

Under the Settings menu, you will see a different set op option, among which is the ‘call rejection’ menu options. Tap on that and move to choose Auto Reject List then add the phone numbers you want to stop receiving from now on. Go ahead add the number and then go to the plus button next to the number to add it to the auto reject calls galaxy S6.

If you change your mind, you can always remove the numbers from the list by using the same method.

Blocking the Numbers, How to Auto Reject Calls Galaxy s6 from Those Not in Your Saved Contact Lists.

Fortunately, Samsung also allow us to add unknown numbers to the auto reject list by opening the same menu as the previous steps. When the numbers are marked unknown, you need to slide the Unknown callers toggle to on. It’s important to take this simple note though.

When you add them up on Auto Reject Calls List on Your Galaxy S6 , the function will stop you from getting ALL calls from any unknown numbers. So like everything else that might not be okay to be seen as ‘long term strategy’, please do it with caution.

Once you have added the numbers or the contacts on the auto reject list Galaxy S6, you won’t get those annoying calls ever again until you wish otherwise. When you activate the feature to auto reject calls galaxy s6, they will then be ignored and forwarded to voicemail, without much hassle from your end. Now, doesn’t it sound like a nice little feature we all deserve to get?