Removing Floor Adhesive: How to Remove Glue from Flooring

Removing floor adhesive might not be a day-to-day problem for most home owners, but one you need to know just in case. How to remove glue from flooring is not that difficult though does require certain amount of patience.

Removing Floor Adhesive: How to Remove Glue from Flooring

Removing Floor Adhesive_How to Remove Glue from FlooringThere is nothing more annoying than glue that stick to our floor for whatever reason, things are even worse if what you got is that super glue one you or your kids probably dropped it there leaving not so beautiful mark on your wooden floor.

Things is, not only that removing floor adhesive is time consuming sometime, it might as well leave some damage later on when you do it wrong. Which is why we provide these steps you need to do to learn how to remove glue from flooring properly.

Get Your Supplies

The basic thing to start is by getting the proper supplies for the job. Some people use the wrong supplies, leaving some damage on their floor since they didn’t do it properly. Basically there are four main tools that you can use as supplies in removing the glue; acetone, knife, cleaning cloths or paper towels and thick clean rag. However, you just cannot apply any random tools.

Since acetone is the main ingredient of how to remove glue from flooring, make sure you choose the correct one. Some acetone is not good enough in removing glue. You also have to choose a proper-sized knife for the scraping process. It is recommended to choose any soft knife yet able for the scrapping job since you will not want to leave any marks on your floor.

Remove the Glue

The main thing to do is surely to remove the glue. However, you need to do it in proper ways if you don’t want to leave any mark on your floor. First of all, you need to close any air access in the room where the glued floor is located since the acetone may over exposure the air circulation inside the room. Only then, you can spot-test the acetone on some location near the glued floor.

If it looks good, then you can put some acetone to the glued floor. Make sure you put enough amounts to prevent any worse air over exposure. Wait for some moments then use the paper towels or the cleaning cloths to dry the glued floor.

After that, use the knife to scrape the glue off the floor. Do the same process until the glue is removed. To finish the job, you will need to put some acetone to the thick clean rag and wipe it to the flooring. Do for 4-5 times until you see no more glue on the flooring.

Removing glue floor adhesive can be a stressful job if it’s done in wrong ways. Therefore, it’s always good to know how to remove glue from flooring properly in case you will also experience it some day.