Reflexology for Weight Loss: 2 Pressure Points for Weight Loss Therapy

Reflexology for weight loss is just one of the many benefits it can help you with by maintaining a healthy and balance lifestyle. For centuries, reflexology is believed to help your blood circulate better and trigger body response when pressuring certain points related to your organ’s functions.reflexology for weight loss

Reflexology works a tad more deeper than just massage for weight loss, however, has not fully accepted its deserved place in medical world and been regarded as otherwise another quick scheme on people wanting to lose their weight fast.

Yet, we’re here to help you find the truth yourself and see if this is something that’ll work alongside your journey of achieving healthy weight.

Reflexology for Weight Loss: Curbing Your Appetite.

Just like any other method of massage for weight loss, the key point of keeping one’s healthy measurement is to curb the your desire to eat in more volume than what your body needs. Reflexology can help you do just that,

Reflexology for losing weight works by pressuring some neuron points called the spleen reflex point in your feet and behind your ear that will then stimulate your brain to stop sending hungry alert to your stomach. Thus, reducing your appetite almost instantly.

pressure points for weight lossLet’s practice this reflexology for weight loss therapy by gradually massaging the outside edge of your left foot until you feel it warm throughout your feet. By then, the pressure is sending signals to stimulate the spleen to eventually reduce your hunger. On another note, if you so happen experience water retention or a light bloating, massaging this area will also help you with that.

Massage for Wight Loss: How to Lose weight in Your Feet with Reflexology

To see how does reflexology can actually help for your weight loss journey, you need to try to stimulate your pancreas reflex point. Massaging this area will help you with digestion, any digestion problem, and even bloating you are experiencing. You just need to massage the center part of the inside arch of your foot. Then, you need to massage in the opposite direction once you have reached the outside part of the reflex area.

Pressure points for weight loss: How Reflexology Help Improve Digestion

Gallbladder contains digestive liquid from your liver which functions here can be helped by understanding pressure points for weight loss, since whether it functions well or not plays an important role to help your quest on losing some bodily fat.

For the purpose of discussion or rather to understand better on pressure points for weight loss, try to massage the gallbladder reflex point which is located under the ball of your sole and continue massaging it toward the outside area of your foot. Do this for at least 5 minutes and try to put pressure level higher for each minute.

Your appetite gone wild could be a mere result of unbalanced stress level and hormones. This can also be improved by using pressure points for weight loss. Try massaging the base and the center of the bottom of your toe, and the adrenal point located on the center part of your foot. When done regularly, this will result in a well-balanced stress level and hormones. This is another instance of reflexology for weight loss in good use, which gives a side effect of a better energy state of yourself which will trigger the brain to let you know that this is probably the right time to exercise more.

Reflexology to achieve healthy weight loss work works wonder if you know what you’re doing. Always consult a physician before you take any physical therapy on yourself. Try to maintain a healthy and balance diet while you’re at it. All these combined with your knowledge on pressure points for weight loss will make you regret not to try them any sooner.