How to Play Pokemon Card Game: The Pokemon Card Game Guide for Noobs

How to Play Pokeman Card Game: The Pokeman Card Game Guide for Noobs | If you favor Pokémon movies, video games, and or TV shoes, this noob guide on how to play pokemon card game is just what you need, isn’t it? This card game is a good way to have a fun and enjoyable time with your friends. From this game, you can experience interesting battles of Pokémon in the real life! Yet, before playing it, make sure you know the following guides on how to play Pokemon card game:

How to Play Pokemon Card Game: The Pokemon Card Game Guide for Noobs

Set Up Your Cards

The first thing to remember on how to play Pokemon card game is to get your card and shuffle it. Make sure you have 60 cards and you shuffle all of them well. ¼ or 1/3 of all cards in the deck will be the energy cards for a deck that is well balanced. Choose the one you prefer most.

How to Play Pokemon Card Game Secrets
How to Play Pokemon Card Game Secrets

Draw the Cards

Draw seven cards from the top of the card deck. Then, put the cards aside, facing down.

Do another Card Drawing

Draw another six cards from the deck without looking at the cards. Then, put them aside, now facing up. They are called the prize cards for this guide of how to play Pokemon card.

Put the Deck Remainder to One Side

Put the reminder on your side or opposite to the last 6 cards you drew. Put the Discard Pile next to the card deck.

Find Out the Basic Pokémon

Find a basic Pokémon from the 7 cards in your hand. If you don’t have any, draw another seven cards. For every 7-card drawing, your opponent will draw one extra card.

Choose the Active Pokémon

Make sure you have at least a basic Pokémon from the cards in your hand. Choose one basic card that you want to you use to give an attack and put it facing down onto the area in front of you. If you have more than one card to attack, put all facing down under the active Pokémon.

Draw Six Prize Cards

Next on this how to play Pokemon card for noobs, draw those cards and place them in a facing down pile without you looking at those cards. Every time you knock out one of your opponent’s Pokémon, grab one prize card. If you are running out of the prize cards, you will be the winner. The fewer the prize cards, the faster the game is.

Decide who Go First

To determine this, get a coin and flip it to find out which player can start the game. Remember the first player cannot give an attack.

Face Up the Cards to the Right Direction

Whenever you think you are ready to play, face up your active and benched cards while face down toher cards. At this point, you can just only look at the hand neither at prize cards nor the deck.

Play until Getting the Winners

The last thing you need to do on how to play Pokémon card game is to continue playing until there is a winner. You’ll be a winner if you are able to get all the prize cards.

So, there are 10 steps on how to play Pokémon card game. Remember which cards to play, to face down, and to face up. Also, remember which cards to play first and to play later. Good luck!