Neat Ways on How to Get Paint Out of Carpet

How to get paint out of carpet and turn that grey-ish tone in your rugs back into the white tee it used to be? It can be a headache, true. But don’t despair, child! As we have come up with these some neat ways on getting paint out of carpet, using things that you can easily find around your house.

How to Get Paint Out of Carpet: Understanding Different Types of Paint

If you want to remove the wet paint from your favorite carpet, it is much simpler comparing to removing such dry ones. You also need to know that latex-based is easier to remove from carpet as it consists of water solution.

How to Get Paint Out of Carpet
How to Get Paint Out of Carpet

On the other hand, the oil-based will be very hard to remove from the carpet. If can be highly ensured that you can remove all dried ones as long as they consists of latex for most part. If you are not sure which one is staining your carpet, you can start by assuming it’s latex-based.

Latex or Water-Based

You can check the tin before knowing moving onto how to get paint out of carpet. If the tin says that you can wash the brush by using the warm water, it means you are dealing with the water-based paint or latex paint. Whether you deal with water-based paint or oil-based paint, it is always recommended to act fast whenever the paint is still wet. It is because this stain can be easily removed when the paint is still wet.

You can use the white cloth and soak it into the vinegar solution and wipe it onto the stained point. Keep repeating the process of soaking the cloth into the vinegar solution and wipe the paint until all stains are gone.

Oil-based Paint

Generally, you have to wash the oil-based paint using some solvent like white spirits. When the paint is still wet, you can remove it by scooping up any leftover paint using the old spoon. After the excess paint is removed, you can soak up the leftover paint by using the paper towels. Because the oil-based paint always needs some solution to remove it, you can use the cloth soaking in the white spirits.

Before doing any actions regarding your paint stain, it is better if you consult your carpet guide in advance as carpets contain different materials which bring different reactions to certain carpet cleaning methods. Make sure that the method of how to get paint out of carpet you use is suitable and won’t damage the carpet as well as the flooring.