KT Tape: Thumb_ How to Tape a Sprained Thumb Properly

Whether you got yourself a dislocated thumb joint that you might need another KT tape thumb for your sprained thumb, or more. It’s fair to say anyone should know this basic skill on how to tape a sprained thumb properly.

How to Tape a Sprained Thumb Properly

The first thing you need to do before going further is assessing what kind of thumb injury you have. Bear in mind that this tapping will only be helpful for any thumb injury like sprained, strained or any slight dislocation of your thumb.

How to Tape a Sprained Thumb ProperlyIf you are happened to have more serious thumb injury, tapping it will not be enough and you should check it to professionals.

Remove Unnecessary Hair

Once you have decided to tape your thumb, the first thing you should do is to shave your thumb clean, as well as your wrist. Shaving the tapped location clean will make the adhere better and it will also prevent any unnecessary pain when you are finish with the tapping and want to take it off.

Spray Adhesive to some Area 

One important thing about how to tape a sprained thumb that you need to know is that adhesive spray provides better contact with your skin compared to any other cleaning options like soap or alcohol. If you have a sensitive skin, you can also wrap it with a hypoallergenic underlay as the base.

Make the Anchor First

Once your thumb is ready, start by placing a tape strip around your wrist as the base; it cannot be too tight. This strip will works as the anchor that will give support and also provide flexible movements. To continue making the anchor, make loops on both side and front part of your thumb.

KT Tape Thumb for Sprained Thumb

KT Tape_thumbAfter the four previous steps are done, it’s finally time to apply KT Tape Thumb to help lessening the pained in your sprained thumb. Remember that your thumb has two joints; the distal joint which is located close to your thumbnail and the proximal joint which is located close to your palm. Make sure that you tape them right to fasten the recovery.

Surely nobody wants to experience a sprained thumb, but it can happen especially after you work too hard with your hands. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to keep some KT tape thumb around home and to to learn this guide on how to tape a sprained thumb in case it happens to you someday.