How to Write Better Cursive? Best 3 Android Apps to Help Cursive Practice for Adults

If you’re anything like me, getting a neat handwriting as we get older is just a difficult task what with all the gadgets replacing pens in our hands. Even if we don’t have the worst handwriting out there, but isn’t nice to learn how to write better cursive in these day and age?  It sure is. Which is why these apps that help cursive practice for adults like myself is a good news in my book.

How to Write Better Cursive at Your Own Pace? Try LazyDog

Want a complete all-in-one app for cursive learning? Then you should give LazyDog a try. Though this android app doesn’t only teach you about the basic cursive. There are other cursive variations such as Italic script or Chancery cursive, Blackletter or Gothic script, and Copperplate or Roundhand to choose from.

How to Write Better Cursive- Best 3 Android Apps to Help Cursive Practice for Adults-neat handwriting-handwriting practice booksAnother interesting feature of this app is that you can either try the practice on your phone screen (by tracing the example given by the app) or print the worksheet and practice hands-on. There is scoring system and unlimited access as well–all can be accessed for free.

Another Features-Rich App to Help Cursive Practice for Adults: Real Cursive

Just like LazyDog, Real Cursive is also developed by I.H. It is meant to be more advanced compared to LazyDog. Instead of tracing and get the same shape, you can try writing real-time and see the actual results of your own strokes. Though the option is just limited to English Cursive, the app offers basic (letter practice) and advanced (word practice) to enhance the learning experience.

There are two things that you may want to note from this app. Firstly, it can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. Second, you can choose to see or not see ads. For the time being, Real Cursive is still on Early Access status. So, you can try it right away, though maybe expect imperfection in some places within the app.

Handwriting Tutor to Replace Your Handwriting Practice Books

Do you wish you have your handwriting practice books with you right now? Well, why not try handwriting tutor app instead? Handwriting Tutor offers the same service as LazyDog and Real Cursive – cursive writing practice. However, this app may not be as intense as the first two options. Just like Real Cursive, there’s only one cursive style that you can learn using this app; English Cursive. You can practice by tracing one letter to another on this app and that’s it – no option of other cursive styles or word writing practice. At the very least, it is free and light.

I myself believe there is no such thing as a perfectly neat handwriting. But one can aim to have a style of writing that they feel comfortable with. Though some might still prefer to go old school with handwriting practice books, we’d like to urge you to at least give these apps a try. If you’ve been wondering how to write better cursive and would like a training app that help cursive practice for adults, these might just be the ones you’re looking for