How to Replace A Garbage Disposal & What It Costs You

How to Replace A Garbage Disposal & What It Costs You?Replacing an old and failed garbage disposal can be a complicated and daunting task for us. It can even look scarier when we are not familiar with water and electricity trepidation, sink connection, and drain fittings. Well, replacing a garbage disposal is actually fairly simple. Here are the simple steps on how to replace a garbage disposal that you can do by yourself.

How to Replace A Garbage Disposal & What It Costs You

Turn the Electricity Off

The first thing to remember on how to replace a garbage disposal is to turn off the electricity that connects the unit to the service panel.

How to replace a garbage disposal
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Then, remove the disposal cover from the base and also loosen the screws to take out the wire connectors.

Loose the Bolts

Grab the hose clamp and loosen it and then pull the hose from the fitting. Loosen any bolts binding the drain flange if you need to undo the crosspiece of the drain.

Remove the Old Disposal

Support the disposal from its below part and then rotate the 3-tab large mounting ring counterclockwise until the disposal falls away. Then, loosen the 4 bolts to remove any drain remainder. Then push out the drain thru the hole of the sink and clear any putty away.

Install the Putty

Install the new unit by first rolling the plumbers putty mound on the counter till you get a piece with the size of 10-in, ½-in. Stick the putty around the drain’s underside and press it to the hole of the sink.

Finish the Disposal’s Drain

Slide the backup ring and the cardboard washed into the unit’s drain spud.

Snap the Ring

Follow the retaining ring and the mounting flange. Snap the ring into the unit’s drain spud.

Tighten It Up

Take a screwdriver to tighten all the bolts until you can squeeze the putty out and until the drain snugs in the unit’s sink.

Wire Up

The next step on how to replace a garbage disposal is to wire the new unit up. Wire the unit up by threading the connector of the old box to the new disposal’s base.

Finish Up

Bring the wires of the circuit along with the conduit to the connector. Then, secure that conduit; join the wire of the black circuit and also the black lead to the connector of one wire while joining the white one to the other. Take the wire of the circuit ground and bind it under the screw of the green ground. Finally, replace the cover.

Install the New Disposal

Finally, poke out the plug using your screwdriver and retrieve it by reaching into the disposal.

So, there are only 10 steps on how to replace a garbage disposal. They are all easy to do even by yourselves. No more headaches in replacing your old and failed garbage disposal. Prepare all the equipment and give it a try!