How to Remove Silly Putty from Carpet

How to get putty out of carpet? Because if your kids are like mine, keeping them still without expecting something going to be there sticking onto my carpet, is just asking for miracles. Which is why I’ll gladly share here with you how to remove silly putty from carpet so as to keep your sanity intact.

Good news is, it doesn’t much time or even props to prepare. So here goes.

How to Remove Silly Putty from Carpet: Prepare Materials You’ll Need. 

How to Remove Silly Putty from CarpetCleaning putty is all about timing and consistency. It won’t be good to stop at one step and leave to find needed tool. Therefore, you should prepare things before hand. There are several items; dull knife, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, spray bottle, water and soft cloth or towels.

How to Get Putty Out of Carpet? Next Step on Your Silly Putty Cleaning Day. 

Right. How do you get putty out of carpet?

Well, first step on how to get putty out of carpet is by first removing as many putty as you possibly can using dull knife. Make sure to scrap the big junk. Smaller ones could be removed later.

Grab a cotton ball and dip it into rubbing alcohol. Don’t be stingy; make it soaked and thoroughly wet. Next on this how to remove silly putty from carpet quest; blot surface with remaining putty using this cotton ball. Let it sit for a minute. Then, take clean cloth to scrub area. be careful with your motion; back and forth motion might push putty deeper into carpet area. Use circular motion instead. How to Get Putty Out of Carpet

Make alcohol cotton and repeat blotting process. Keep doing it until all silly putty are removed from carpet. Prepare a damp clean cloth to wipe clean the area. Take another clean cloth and dry the area.

Now you need a dry and clean cloth. After absorbing a lot of liquid, your carpet needs to be dried. Lay clean cloth on putty area. Apply gentle pressure to allow moisture absorption. Next, let air dries your carpet.

How to Get Silly Putty Out of Clothes? When You Need to Add Some Tricks

How to Get Silly Putty Out of ClothesSometimes, things go wrong and you cannot execute your plan perfectly. Or It might just turned to the worst, and you find yourself wondering how to get silly putty out of clothes? When this happens, it is time to pull off some tricks!

  • When you cannot find rubbing alcohol, you could use hand sanitizer instead.
  • Putty might not be able to be removed after first try. In this case, you should apply WD 40 to help removal process.
  • If you still can’t find your way out of this, use mayo or white vinegar. There are successful stories from those who use them.

When you buy silly putty for your kids’ project, probably you weren’t aware how important it would be knowing how to remove silly putty from carpet. But as you’re now wondering how to get putty out of carpet, that new milky white carpet you bought last week, I am sure this guide came on just about time.