How to Remove Nicotine Stains From Fingers? Try These One!

How to remove nicotine stains from fingers when you just don’t have much time to waste? I hear you. What do you say we just jump into these proven ways on how to get nicotine stains off fingers, shall we?

How to Remove Nicotine Stains from Fingers? Try Your Aspirin Pills.

How to Remove Nicotine Stains from FingersIf you don’t happen to have one with you, then go to nearby drugstore and ask for some aspirin pills. There should be a whole lot of brands there, just choose any of them.

At home, take one tablet and crush it using back side of the spoon. Collect the powder and mix it to a small bowl of warm water. Let it dissolve.

Next, soak your nicotine stains on  into the solution. Rub water on stained finger to help better absorption. Keep doing this for five minutes. You should be able to tell the difference right after. Wipe what used to be nicotine stains on fingers of yours on dry towel. Then, apply lotion to restore moisture.

Grapefruit for Nicotine Stains on Fingers

Do you ever imagine that grapefruit is listed as nicotine stain remover? Get some of these, and slice the top part along with removing the pulp. Now you should be able to see the meat.

Nicotine Stains on FingersPut the stained one inside grapefruit. Make sure you stick it deep enough to touch its rind. Then, gently move those along the rind. Repeat this motion for five minutes long. Take out your finger and the stain should fade. Next, rinse off under running water. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer.

How to Get Nicotine Stains off Fingers with Lemon Juice

If you have pumice stone at home, you could try this method when you wander on on how to get nicotine stains off fingers. This way combines lemon juice and a little bit of stone rubbing technique.

How to Get Nicotine Stains off FingersYou’ll need juice of 2 -3 lemons, squeezed into a small bowl. Then soak nicotine stains on fingers onto the lemon juice for five minutes. To help you, set alarm or timer next to you. When five minutes pass, grab pumice stone and use it to clean your fingers. Do it gently. Then, rinse fingers well and put on some lotion. It helps to keep your fingers moist and soft. Now that’s how to remove nicotine stains from fingers easily, probably without even having to leave your home.