How to Remove Coconut Oil from Hair Naturally & Fast!

How to remove coconut oil from hair naturally? Since we all know coconut oil indeed provides one of the most effective natural treatments for our hair, but they can be stickler when you need to get the sticky residue off your hair.

How to Remove Coconut Oil from HairBefore we dig on to how to get coconut out of hair. Shall we first remind us why we put them on diligently every night? I know, since not only that it can add healthy natural shine to our hair, it’s also a natural remedy to help remove dandruff and strengthen the hair shaft.

However, coconut oil is also difficult to wash sometimes. When water and shampoo are not enough, here are some steps about how to get coconut oil out your hair naturally without wasting much of your time.

How to Remove Coconut Oil from Hair by Rinsing It off with Natural Solutions

There are two main steps that you can do to remove coconut oily residue from your head. The first step is to rinse  it off with natural solutions. Since this natural oil is natural sources, why don’t we treat it with natural solutions too? There are some options that you can try as one. For first method, you can use what you got in pantry. Citric acid of lemon juice will do quite wonder if you know how.

How to Get Coconut Oil Out of HairPrepare for about 240 ml of water then mix it with two fresh squeezed lemons. Cover your hand with the mixture and apply it for some minutes. Using warm water, rinse your off and do the same process for about 3 times. You can also add some honey to the formula in case you want it to also works as conditioner.

Another natural solution you can try on how to remove coconut oil from hair naturally is by using eggs to remove the oily left-over as well as boosting more protein. Prepare for about 950 ml of water and add 3 eggs to create the egg wash. Apply the mixture and wait it for around 10 minutes maximum. Wash off with warm water after the time is up and the coconut oil should be removed.

How to Get Coconut Oil Out of Hair: Applying Non-Rinse Powder Solution

Another solution for how to get coconut oil out of hair is by applying any non-rinse powder once you’re done the treatment. Before you apply the powder, you should choose any dry shampoo first to be mixed with the powder. There are many kinds of powder, we recommend to just use such as baby powder, arrowroot powder, or cornstarch powder.

Avoid using too much since it can make things worse. After you combine the powder with dry shampoo, apply them thoroughly to the roots. It is worth to mention that your hair should be completely dry, otherwise the mixture won’t work. Finally, comb well to remove the coconut oil.

Although coconut oil is a great option for natural hair treatment, there are also many people who still have no idea about how to remove coconut oil from hair properly and end up making things worse. It’s worthy to mention here though, if you just apply the oil in less amount yet regularly, you may not need to search your ways on how to get coconut oil out of you hair.