How to Remove A Cast Iron Tub_(Simplified in 2 Steps)

How to remove a cast iron tub if heavy lifting and tool box are not the first two things define you? That’s okay. Most people prefer to call professionals when they want to remove their cast iron bathtubs, because getting sweaty and risking your back is not for everyone.

How to Remove A Cast Iron Tub

But what if we’re about to tell you that in fact, removing cast ironed bathtubs is actually not that hard and can easily be learned by any homeowners out there.

That it includes you.

How to Remove A Cast Iron Tub in These 2 Simplified Step by Steps.

With proper ways and process, removing your cast ironed bathtubs will not take much time. So here they are; the easy to follow, 2 steps instructions on how to remove a cast iron tub.

Removing Cast Iron Bathtubs: the Drainage

Removing Cast Iron BathtubsThere are only two big main steps to remove cast iron bathtubs; removing the drainage and taking the tub of the wall. First of all, you need to turn the water supply off by shutting the valve off.

It is normally located on the water line that’s connecting the tub to any faucets. After that, you need to remove the stopper and let the assembly flows. This component is the one that’s sealing the tub whenever you need water to fill it.

After the stopper is removed, make sure that the drain flange is taken off. You can take it off using a pair of needle nose pliers or any removal tool pairs. If the drain flange is already taken of, remove the drain pipe from the iron pool. In case yours is a freestanding one, you can use a metal blade or a reciprocating saw to cut the drain pipe off from the nearest position to bottom of the whole set.

How Much Does a Cast Iron Tub Weigh? Taking the Tub off the Wall

How Much Does a Cast Iron Tub WeighThe second main step that you need to do is to take the main part off the wall. There are many steps for this, but you can start from removing the wall strip to expose the flange. Once the flange is exposed, disconnect it from the wall studs.

After that, for this final step on how to remove a cast iron tubs you will need to use a utility knife to remove the caulking that’s surrounding that heaviest part, and lay down some plywood sheets to any locations near yours.

After you got yourself the exact number of how much does a cast iron tub weigh and how to remove a cast iron tubs, now take it out from the wall and on the plywood as well. If you want to keep it, make sure you keep the tubs well, otherwise, use a sledgehammer to break the tub in case you do not need them anymore and carry it outside for the dumping.

Removing a cast iron bathtubs is not that hard as long as you do it with the right process and know exactly how much does a cast iron tub weigh of yours. This short simplified article is for you to know the basics on how to remove a cast iron tub, and do a little cross check before you decide if you really need to call professional.