How To Operate A Mini Excavator Even if It Is Your First Time!

These days, anyone can just wander off asking how to operate a mini excavator. I remember years ago when these little excavator was released to the public for the first time, no contractor wanted to know more about it. They doubt how this machine could help to do their work. Time has proven their doubt was baseless, and I’ll show you how.

How To Operate A Mini Excavator

how to operate a mini excavatorFirst, Check Machine Condition in That Little Excavator of Yours.

While contractor is planning their project, they should be able to tell which machine to use, including the health condition of not so little excavator they have in hand.

There are several options in rental office. If you plan to rent machine, then ask whether you could try it.

This would be a plus point, since you could tell how well it works.

Get Familiar with Buttons

Once you enter the machine of the little excavator, you will be greeted by a lot of stick controls. Don’t let them intimidate you though.

little excavatorThese are keys for you to master your way on how to operate a mini excavator. it is difficult to operate the machine, but once you get a hang on it, it should be way easier with time.

Take a look on your left, where you should find control assembly. It helps moving the unit up and down. If you need to lock this machine, just pull this stick back and down.

After locking the machine up, you should also try joystick. It controls rotating motion. Joystick will go back to neutral position after being released. Then there, conveniently located between your legs, there are two long steel rods. On which top, you will see its handler that is useful to control turning motion.

Then move on to the bottom, where you’ll find two pedals, both of which are rarely used to operate machine. We’ll get back to it later. Now take a look on the right side, where two other sticks are sticking. One is straight and another is bent.

Start Engine

Now it is time to work with your mini excavator. Run engine while staying still. Make sure you are not touching anything. Once the engine starts, any push and pull on control stick will be treated as full instruction. Don’t be surprised to get immediate reaction.

When you operate the mini excavator forward, make sure you have lifted front blade. Otherwise, this blade will be bouncing and might break another object. Try a lot of movement the first you get a hold of it; pulling, pushing, rotating, and even turning. If you are already familiar with these functions, come and start your machine. You’re good to go.

The steps on how to operate a mini excavator we outlined above are not difficult, but they do require practices and trials. Getting familiar to all lavers and buttons in your little excavator is as important as it comes.