How To Move A Piano Up Stairs with Less Movers

How to move up a piano upstairs by yourself? Considering how heavy that things is and all.

I know it is one of most valued item in your house. Still, moving it is a hassle if you can’t get  a professional to help you for whatever reason. Even worse if you need to move it upstairs.

How To Move A Piano Up Stairs: Preparing Equipment You Need

How To Move A Piano Up StairsIf you have moved any heavy object before, you must have known by now how the right equipment is key to a job well done. Piano is not an exception, since failing to do so might be fatal to this instrument of yours.

How to move a piano up stairs in a way that is both convenient for you and safe for that piece itself? First, you will need at least four equipments; straps, moving dollies, heavy duty gloves and planks.

Make sure not to miss any of them.

How to Move a Piano in a Pickup Truck?

How to Move a Piano in a Pickup TruckMoving onto the equipment needed, strap is the most important among all, since its job is holding all parts in place. Dollies and planks will be a big help to move on tilted surface. What about gloves? Do they help in your quest on how to move a piano in a pickup truck, or upstairs in your place? Well, piano surface is too smooth to hold using bare hands. There is a reason why it is priced the way it is.

Calculate Stairs Difficulty

Before you learn how to move piano up stairs, you need to check how many stairs are there. It will determine number of people needed. Piano owner should also note if there is any turn or landing on the stairs. Make sure this landing is wide enough for the piano to fit. Otherwise, piano owner needs to find other alternatives to move piano upstairs.

Another thing to check and will even help you finding out ways how to move a piano in a pickup trucks is what we call stairs’ steepness. If it is too steep, having just yourself and  a friend might not even cut it. You’ll need more movers, and probably some other equipment to help  moving a piano up stairs.

Moving a Piano Up Stairs.

Moving a Piano Up StairsThere is another thing you need to do before moving a piano up stairs. Make sure to close piano cover perfectly. Letting it open might cause it to break and making your job moving a piano up stairs a lot harder than it should be.

It is not just any other cloth, though. Even if you lost the original cover, make sure you have at least a soft blanket covering it. This material is strong enough to endure friction.

Secure this cover with masking tape or electrical tape and carry on  moving your piano up stairs.

Setting Up Dolly

Now it is time to set up Dolly, which is the final phase on how to move a piano up stairs or to a pickup truck. Make sure you have cleared up all the things on path. It will be better to move without any disturbance. Next, lift piano to Dolly and start pushing it. If your stair is too steep, then set up additional ramp. Don’t forget to secure covered piano to the Dolly. Make sure you keep your steps small while stepping on ramp.

Before you try the steps above, whether to answer on how to move a piano upstairs or how to move piano in a pickup truck, there are several things you should know. First, that it is by all definitions, is a professional job. Just because you feel like you’re up to this quest on moving a piano up stairs, we believe that if this is your first time, do at least let a pro guide and help you through.