How to Make Your Freckles Darker in these 3 Simple Ways

How to make your freckles darker, or how to get freckles on your face naturally if you aim for one? Freckles have been the symbol of youthfulness for some. Which is the result of Its effortless vibration of sexiness combined with a hint of innocence look. That said, whatever you need this for, let us share you some of ways not how to get permanent freckles but make the one you get even darker in complexion.

How to Make your Freckles Darker: Get More Sun Light

How to Make Your Freckles DarkerIt is scientifically proven that freckles will get even darker as you expose yourself to sun light, though whether that ‘secret method’ on how to get permanent freckles came out to be true after all. Still, it explains why people with freckles are considered fun. So, some of you turn to ways how make your freckles darker, for this very reason.

The more you are exposed to the sun, the darker your freckles will be and this is one of ways out there on how to get freckles on your face naturally. However, try not to overdo it with this way as it can backfire you when you’re not careful.

You still need protection from the sun too to prevent skin issues and hyper pigmentation. The solution is to wear SPF 15, or even more if possible, on your daily moisturizer. It naturally helps you to keep those freckles staying cute while it also prevents them from developing a more serious skin issues.

How to Get Freckles on Your Face Naturally Darker with Lighter Makeup

how to get permanent frecklesThe basic principle you need to remember is that freckles will be your highlight. You don’t need to hide it. Instead, let people see it. So, to make it happens, you need to know how to get freckles on your face naturally by using lighter makeup from this day on. For example, instead of wearing full covering base, you can consider wearing tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF 15. Your freckles won’t be covered this way.

To get fresh, glowing, and bright looking skin during special occasion, choose a base that actually resembles your lighter shade of skin. Don’t pick something with the same color of your freckles. It will be too dark for you. Choose the lighter one, and let your freckles enhance your natural beauty.

Base with Blush

Here is a secret about freckles and how to get freckles on your face naturally: it tends to shine better with blush. Of course, you need specific colors for your blush. For best base on your cheek bones, coral and bright pink will make the best option. It gives soft yet light base for your freckles. While it makes your face brighter and younger, it enhances your freckles as they look darker.

Try your best not to wear warm colors or something too brown. It makes your freckles look darker, yes, but in a muddy way. You won’t like it. Always match with color that is lighter than your freckles to enhance its darker shade.

There are more than enough celebs that set a good example on this issue. Emma Stone has cute beauty spots to admire, not to mention Rachel Bilson and Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton. Although we know these don’t answer much on how to get permanent freckles but more on how to make your freckles darker, these celebrities prove that freckles do only enhance their beauty with a dash of innocence yet vigorous look.