How to Make Slime More Stretchy Using Only Water!

How to Make Slime More Stretchy Using Only Water! ~ Slime is a fun toy for being stretchy. However, as it happens on play dough too, it may lose its stretch over time. While most people will throw it away and buy the new one, you can always make it stretchy again or more. Here is how to make slime more stretchy effortlessly at home.

How to Make Slime More Stretchy Using Only Water!

How to Make Slime More Stretchy Using Only Water!The first possible solution will be using hot water. To do this method, you are going to need a bowl. Choose one that can contain your slime perfectly inside. Then, do the following steps:

  1. Fill the bowl with hot water. Fill it half full or at least it can cover your slime when you add it. Make sure the water is hot enough to use and warm enough for you to touch.
  2. Prepare a cutting board or other clean and flat surface near the bowl.
  3. Shape your slime into a ball and dunk it into the water. Ball shape is easier to handle. Make sure the hot water covers it.
  4. Leave the slime ball in the water for around ten seconds. It allows your slime to absorb the water.
  5. Take it out and put it on the flat surface. Give it some kneads and fold it. Keep kneading until it reaches the right stretchiness as you expect it.
  6. If the slime still breaks or it can’t reach the stretchiness level you want, dunk it into the water again and repeat the steps.

You can repeat dunking and kneading as many as you need it. It takes a while for the slime to absorb the water though, so don’t re-dunk it again too immediately. Give it time.

How to Fix sticky Slime Using Lotion

While hot water is a fine solution, lotion can very well answer your question on how to fix sticky slime. The point is, your slime needs additional moisture to get more stretchy. Here are the steps you need to do:How to Fix sticky Slime

  1. Prepare a clean, and flat surface for you to work on.
  2. Take the slime and press it down on the surface so it lies flat on it.
  3. Add only a squirt of your lotion right in the middle.
  4. Then fold the slime into half and knead it to mix the lotion.
  5. Press again and fold. Give it more knead. Keep repeating this step until the lotion is well combined into the slime.
  6. Stretch and snap the slime to test it out, and see if it is stretchy already. If it breaks, your slime definitely still needs some more moisture. Repeat the steps again until you get your slime on the desired stretchiness.

Body ointment or butter tends to make it thicker, so don’t use it. In addition to it, take off your rings and other accessories before doing any of these steps.

With these two options of how to make slime more stretchy, which one do you want to start with first?