How to Leave a Review on Etsy? Review on Etsy Like a Pro in 3 Steps.

How to leave a review on Etsy, one of the popular e-commerce platform for everyone who likes buying or selling handmade items online there is? This simple guide will answer you on how to review on Etsy like a pro in 3 easy steps.

How to Leave a Review on Etsy? Review on Etsy Like a Pro in 3 Steps.

Have an Account

How to Leave a Review on Etsy_Review on Etsy Like a Pro in 3 StepsWe assume when you look for guide how to leave a review on Etsy, you got the part where you need an account to able to send a review on Etsy. There are two kinds of account you can make on Etsy; buyer account and seller account.

For buyer account, you can simply go to register option and input your personal data.

If you need to register seller account, you need a debit or credit card to verify you as a seller. Only then, you can register your account as a seller.

Go to the Account Options

Once you have an account, buy or sell any items you want. To start giving reviews, simply go to the ‘Your Account’ option then continue to ‘Purchase & Reviews’ option. In the menu, you can find all items that you want to review. Keep scrolling until you find the right ones.

Give Stars and Write the Review

After you find the item you want to review, you will also be able to rate them using stars. The rating is ranged from 1 star to show that you dislike the item to 5 stars to show how much you like the item. The more important thing is the review you write for the item.

Not only to review but you can also describe the item like how it works or how it actually looks like. This is such a crucial part since what you write about the item will definitely affect what potential buyers think about the item and will also be a feedback for the seller. Hence, you need to write it properly yet honestly.

Click ‘Post Review’

The last step you need to do about how to review on etsy is surely to send it by clicking the ‘Post Review’ option. Once you click it, your review will be posted and can be viewed by seller as well as in the item page where buyers are looking for the items.

Since founded 20 years ago, Etsy has been a helpful e-commerce platform for buyers and sellers to do their business. Giving a seller the reviews they deserve is what helps the platform strive to provide better quality products out there. I hope this little guide ‘How to Leave a Review on Etsy? Review on Etsy Like a Pro in 3 Steps’ will help you achieve just that.