How to Install Nest Thermostat in 2 Quick Steps

There are a lot of people start learning about How to Install Nest Thermostat at their home. Why? Because it the most convenient temperature controller. It is not practical to adjust the heater the moment you enter the house. The guests should be waiting for minutes before the room is fully adjusted. With this tool, the setting could be done before hand.

How to Install Nest Thermostat in 2 Quick Steps

The Materials And Time Estimation

Before putting the steps on how to install nest thermostat into practice, the first thing you need to do is preparing all the tools needed for the project. The lists are nest thermostat, Philip head screwdriver and small screwdriver. You might also prepare rubber gloves to minimize the electrocution. It will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to finish the project.

The Steps

Now that you have prepared all the tools, it is time to learn how to install nest thermostat.

  1. Switch off the electricity. If you are not sure which one is connected to the old thermostat, then simply turn off the whole circuit breaker.
  2. Loose the screws on the old thermostat.
  3. Name all the cables that are connected to the thermostat. While giving label, make sure to match it with the colors on the back of the new nest thermostat. If the cable in new thermostat is too thick, don’t install it.
  4. Put a mark for the thermostat position.
  5. Install the plate if you want to cover the previous holes.
  6. Attach the nest thermostat to the wall. It is better to start from the top hole. Do it halfway, then switch to the bottom. Make sure the position is balanced before you screw all the way.
  7. Connect the cable to the nest thermostat. Follow the marking you made previously. If you do it correctly, then the button could be used.
  8. Install the nest cover.
  9. Switch on the electricity.
  10. Connect the nest thermostat with WiFi. You could simply follow the procedure written on the regulator.
  11. Adjust the perfect temperature for your house.
  12. Download the nest thermostat application to your phone. Make sure you choose the compatible application.
  13. Connect the application to the nest in the house.

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The installation process of nest thermostat is not as easy as changing the light bulb. However, the steps are not too complicated to follow. Don’t forget to prepare the tools before applying the steps on how to install nest thermostat above.