How to Host a Tekkit Server Without Technic Server

If you need to know how to host a Tekkit server in your local computer (not on technic server), then this simplified guide may be a thing you can’t miss. Minecraft has brought gamers into the next level of gaming. It’s that good that you must your ways here, now isn’t it?

How to Host a Tekkit Server Without Technic Server

Before we break out step on how to host a Tekkit server, or even if you aim to build your very own Technic server with Technic’s official host, let’s understand the basic first here. Knowing how to install a server in your local host, happens to be one of those basic steps.

how to host tekkit serverMake sure you get the latest version of Java and Minecraft installer in your hand. In case you don’t have it yet, install the Jave Development Kit. Go to the Tekkit download page and click the ‘server download’ button.

Once Tekkit is downloaded, right click ‘extract’ to extract the server folder then change the Tekkit’s available RAM

To edit the Tekkit’s available RAM, simply right-click the ‘launch’ file then click ‘edit’ which is located on the drop down menu. Once the available RAM is changed, run the Tekkit installation by double-clicking the ‘launch’ file. When you see the Command Prompt window popped up, click the ‘allow access’ option to let the program running. Wait until the Command Prompt window is not loading any information.

When You Don’t Have Technic Launcher Server Hosting in Your Hand

Unlike when you deploy through technic server using technic launcher server hosting, when you use your local computer as a server you need to forward the server’s port by assigning local IP address of your computer.

Technic Server-technic launcher server hostingOnce the local IP address is found, find the router of the local IP address, by moving to the Network & Internet setting and then look at your network properties. Once the router is found, open the router’s page and then log in to the router in case the system prompted you to do so.

After that, go to the ‘Port Forwarding’ menu then open it. Change the setting from normal ‘settings’ to advance settings. Once the setting is set, make the new port forwarding rule then set the protocol. Set the entry as well as the exit ports, click ‘save’, then the rule is functionally applied.

Setting up The Tekkit Server

Find the IP address of your local computer then make sure that the Tekkit is launched and running. Once the Tekkit is running, open the Minecraft application then set your personal computer as the server address. Finally, add as many players as you want then add the mods to your server as well.

That’s the simplest explanation about how to host a Tekkit server. Over the last decade, Minecraft has been one of the most played games in the gaming industry. No wonder that so many gamers find hundred ways to play this game. Since the existence of Tekkit, Technic server and its technic launcher server hosting gamers now can play Minecraft with many players around the world.