How to Get Tangles Out of Hair without Pain in A Breeze

How to get tangles out of hair without pain? Because, and I say this with all my empathy, many pointers out there on how to detangle matted hair painlessly often ends up in disaster. Not to mention extra pain for those with curly, coarse, or thick ones, brushing your tangled hair can mean a real nightmare while it causes damages and hurts like crazy in same time.

how to get tangles out of hair without painFortunately, there are special steps on how to solved tangled ones without pain.Ones that might not take much of time as you probably thought it would.

How to Get Tangles Out of Hair without Pain? Try Conditioner

Conditioner with rich moisture can be a real help. Apply the conditioner on the surface of each one, but not your scalp, and wait until five minutes before rinsing.

Leave-in Conditioner Instead

In alternative to the usual conditioner, you can also use the leave-in one. Apply as instructed on the package and leave it before rinsing. This might work out if you’re looking on ways how to detangle matted hair painlessly.

how to detangle matted hair painlesslySpraying

After rinsing, use the tangle solution and spray it rather generously. It should help answering you on this question of how to get tangles out of hair without pain, since it helps in loosen up difficult tangles when done right. If you don’t have any in your hand, you can do a little bit of diy and make it yourself by simply mixing your hair conditioner and olive oil in equal ratio. I know, right?

Coconut Oil Magic

After washing and drying your hair, try to apply coconut oil into your it. It should help in loosening up the tangles.

Finger Combing

This technique is another old way used on how to detangle matted hair painlessly. It is helpful in detangling some of the toughest ones out there using your finger, separating the tangles. Do it slowly so you don’t pull much of them. Do it several times on parts with tangles.

Combing Out

While it is against the advice, we are going to do the combing while it is still wet. Slowly, comb your tangles from bottom up, over it and down. Repeat until the tangles are cleared. However, if yours is straight, waiting until it gets dry before combing probably will work as well. For a note, you need comb with wide teeth for this.

Separate Hair and Comb Again

This is probably the last step to solve your problem. You may still have a few small tangles, and they are commonly the hardest to detangle. Separate your tangled ones into sections and work each section one by one. Comb from the bottom and up. Be careful of pulling much of those, as it may cause hairfall.

Finally, when all the tangles are gone, brush your hair. It should help in styling back your messy hair while you make sure there is no more tangle to work on.

It takes a while and a lot of efforts, but you should be able to answer this question of how to detangle matted hair painlessly, and practically how to get tangles out of hair without pain.