How to Get Sweat Stains Out of Sheet with These 3 Little Extra Help

How to get sweat stains out of sheet? That disrespectful yellow spot on what used to be your perfect white sheet? Let me rephrase it for you, how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets when your regular washer just refuses to do the work?

How to Get Sweat Stains Out of SheetYou see, while your usual washing detergent won’t work, we promise you these little tricks will help you out big time. Here is how to get that sweat stains out of sheet (yes, how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets) with as simple as soaking them in, with a little bit of extra.

How to Get Sweat Stains Out of Sheet: Soaking Prep 101

We are going to need a proper container for this step to go well. If you plan to soak a shirt, you can use the basin or clean kitchen sink. However, if you plan to soak the bed sheet, you probably needs something bigger like, maybe, your bathtub? Naturally, it all depends on the size of that thing your need to clean.

Next step is to fill the container with hot water. You need as much water as required for your sheet to be soaked entirely.

How to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets with that little bit of extra help.

how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheetsNow, add borax or oxygen bleach into the water. You can use any store bought brand you’re familiar with. For the exact measurement, make sure to read the instructions attached on the package. Then, up you go and stir them all well for best coverage for your purpose. Make sure to wear glove if you got yourself a sensitive skin.

On side note, try vinegar as alternative to borax or oxygen bleach if you happen to not finding any of the above. Usually, one cup of vinegar is a good enough amount to soak one large size bedding sheet.

Key to Remove Sweat Stains on Sheets: Soak Them Good.

Put your sheet into the water and make sure all its area is covered well in water. Press it down the water just to double check. That, my friend, is how to get sweat stains out of sheet and rid of the yellow nasty spot that’s been on your nerve.

Every several minutes, shake it good to prevent material get stuck on the bottom of your container. Twice or twice during an hour of soaking is usually more than enough.

If the stain is more than one day old, better shake it once and leave it overnight. Then do the shaking again couple of minutes before you re-wash it.

Washing White Sheets, the Correct Way: Pulling Out and Re-Wash

When the stains are gone, washing white sheets involve meticulous eyes to make sure no yellow-ish note on your used to be stained white sheets. Carefully pull it out and wring well to remove remaining water in your sheet.

Transfer your now whiten yellow sheets to washing machine and re-wash it in your regular method. This time you can use your regular detergent and softener if needed. When you’re done, dry it well before hanging, to make sure you got rid of the ‘extra’ smell you had to take during the soaking process.

Removing stained white sheets with your regular detergent is sometime a miraculous thing to do. But with these little steps we shared with you, hope you now know how to get sweat stains out of sheet, or even worse, how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets? Go ahead, get your soaking on.