How to Get Rid of Bandaid Marks Sticky Residue Off Skin in Painless Ways

How to get rid of bandaid marks and sticky residue off skin after your glorified DIY moments pass you by? Or maybe things went south between you and those nails, but you gotta be somewhere else, and you really need to remove bandaid adhesive residue off skin because they just don’t go well with cute little dress you bought yourself for the night?

How to Get Rid of Bandaid Marks
Get Rid of Bandaid Marks

Just like many other things categorized as sticky residue; uglue tape, bandaid gum (?) residue for example, or even medical grade tape and that nexcare duct tape bandages of yours, removing  bandage adhesive can prove quite difficult to do in a short time. Which brings us to the reason you came here; finding your ways on how to get rid sticky residue off skin.

How to Get Rid of Bandaid Marks and Sticky Residue Off Skin in Painless Ways

Like I said, while they tend to be washed away over time, removing bandage adhesive when time is not in your side is more difficult than they should be.

Good news is, rather than waiting for it to wash away, there are alternatives worth trying for when you need to remove bandaid adhesive or getting rid of those other sticky residue off your skin.

Soaking The Sticky Residue Into Warm Water

how to get sticky residue off skinAt the risk of stating the obvious, I just need to start you off with this. Because truth be told, warm water does help to soften the sticky residue and help getting it off your skin. So before trying everything else, you probably wanna start with this one, don’t you think?

If the sticky residue is in off location which makes soaking it down the warm water rather difficult, you can try asking some help to dab wet warm cloth into it while rubbing it off a little. Or if you happen to be alone, enjoying a bit of warm bath while using tub scrub to get rid of sticky residue of skin that’s hard to reach is probably not a bad idea by itself.

Remove Bandage Adhesive by Cooling it Off

Yes, you heard that right. If the heat didn’t help you much, then moving way up to the opposite may just help you now if you really need to know on how to get Rid of bandaid marks

remove bandaid adhesiveHow to get get rid of bandaid marks using ice? Well, quite simple really. Just take several ice cubes and wrap them nicely into a soft towel. Then press the towel gently onto the affected area for around five to ten minutes.

The ice will turn down the temperature around the sticky residue area of your skin and will cause brittle little thingy around that bandaid gum thus making it easier for your quest on how to get bandaid residue off skin with practically nothing but couple of those cubes you grabbed.

How to Get Adhesive off Skin? Cooking Oil Helps!

When I said cooking oil, I meant all of them. All those sun flower, coconut, vegetable, canola, or olive oil, are all the answers when you need to know on how to get adhesive off skin.

They are mild in formula, but quite useful on removing adhesive from skin by softening the sticky residue even few of medical grade tape adhesive if you haven’t left it there too long.

Some oils work their magic by finding those micro ways between the sticky residue and your skin help loosen up the grip. While others will dissolve into the adhesive part like those of double sided medical tape, so you can rub it soft and remove it off your skin.

Notes: Baby Oil Magic on Those Sticky Residue of Adhesive Tapes

Baby oil works magic to the adhesive or sticky things. Even better than cooking oil, for its very own reason.

It works better on releasing the grip to your skin, or dissolving through the adhesive residue  making your way on removing adhesive from skin a tad bit easier. It also allows minimal allergy to your skin, without the spungy smells you’ll get from cooking oil, so it’ll work better if the ones who has that sticky thingy is your little ones at home.

Additional Help if You Need One: Petroleum Jelly Touch

You know what’s made of petroleum jelly that you probably have in your bag right now? You guessed it! Yes, Vaseline is made of petroleum jelly and its thick oily texture will help you to remove bandage adhesive, be it glue tape or that bandaid gum of yours. Since it is, well… Vaseline, it won’t be that hard for you to just leave it there for a little while as it works its magic and you may no longer have to find answer on how to get rid of bandaid marks how to get rid of sticky residue off skin ever again in your life