Google Docs Change Margins: How to Control Margins in Google Docs

Understanding google docs change margins function is not that difficult. We promise. Be it starting of your document from the scratch or if you just need to change that one google docs page borderto 1 inch margins to the right which you forgot to do this morning, this docs editor app has its reasons why we keep using them by heart.

Google Docs Change MarginsIt really is one of most favorite document editors available to be accessed online.

Apart from not so familiar google docs change margin functions, what’s there to hate? Not only it comes with the ever-popular Chrome browser, you’ll be able to edit documents and spreadsheets, for free.

Google Docs Change Margins Basic: Understanding 1-inch Margins

The first step to learn your way around changing google page border and change the margins in your document is by using the Ruler on the app itself. If you open the document for the first time, you will see the Rulers on the left side and on the top side of the document.

1 inch marginsThe Ruler here works the same as other document editing apps and you can adjust the margin easily by dragging the special symbol on the margin line.

Just click the symbol and drag it to adjust the top and left side margin based on your needs. Don’t be afraid to drag the symbol because you can still redo it to get the margin you want.

Google Docs Page Border: How to Change the Margin in the Menu Bar

The second way you can do in when editing your google docs page border, is by using the Menu bar within the app. Different from the previous way when it comes to docs change margin, you won’t manually drag the margin, instead you can use a certain command within the menu bar.

Google Docs Page BorderWhen you need google docs change margins,  say, by 1-inch margin, you need to choose the File menu where it’ll will show the drop-down menu. Choose Page setup and you can type the width of the margin you want. Once you’re done, simply click OK to save the changes and your document will be formatted based on the customized margin you have done earlier.

Understanding Google Docs Horizontal Line

Changing 1 inch margins as we play with the menu within google docs change margins function is quite the same with other offline editing apps you know. The margin can be adjusted based on your needs, but you cannot have a different set of margins in this online app. Rather, if you format the margin to say 1 inch margins, then it’ll be applied to entire margin of your document.

If you need to create Google Docs horizontal line, just place the insertion point at the location where you want the horizontal line to appear in your google docs. Next step is to point at Insert, click and select Horizontal line from the drop-down, and it’ll appear in the document.

Google docs change margin is quite more difficult compared to its obvious competitor like Microsoft Word, especially when you are not familiar with the app itself and Google docs page border functions. But like they always say, practice does make perfect.