Does Stained Doors With Painted Trim Work? They Do if You Get it Right!

Have you ever wonder why stained doors with painted trim could never go wrong, or why these modern interior designs just love them too much? Well, for one, painted trim and stained doors look just a tad fancier that regular entrance of yours.

If you plan on making these as a new touch for your next gathering, we promise your guests would admire the trim work as part of your interior wood door frame theme. We know some of house owners love to give more details on their stained doors with painted  white trims, and just to be honest here, the possibility for you to mix and match those themes is just limited by your very own imagination.

So what do you say we start out with some of these door and jamb ideas to spark you up a little bit?

Classic Stained Doors with Painted Trim and Those Beautiful Door Jambs That We Promise Will Work if You Do It Right. 

Those lovely details and the beautiful door jambs should be highlighted and installed in busy area. Yes, you heard that right. This way, guests will be able to admire its pattern, and well, that beautiful wooden door jamb if you may.

stained doors with painted trim
stained doors with painted trims

First option is creating a solid door and that classic touch we all love. Try to paint all door surface using dark brown along with wood door jamb. You can pick the color similar to well glazed chocolate cake.

You can also opt-in for white door trim along the white line next to door frame. If there is no window on the door, you could also hang an autumn wreath on it. Don’t forget to plaster pretty trim on the painted wall. These will add texture especially on stained doors with white trim.

Arched Stained Door With Painted Trim

If you think white door trim is too dull, then take arched style instead. Unlike stained doors with white trim, make sure to build outer trim first, then install the door.

Natural light could go through the window in arched stained doors with painted trim. If you prefer to make arched door as the champion, then pair it with light coffee tone wall color. Repeat the arched design to all corners. This time, don’t install the door. Add more trims instead. You’ll thank me later.

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Bright Stained Doors

If white door trim is not your style, nor that arched stained style we just showed you, another option you could go with are windows and door fusion. On the top part, it has several grids that allow sunlight to go through. Installing it on a door frame and in line with individual windows will be a perfect setting, don’t you think?

What about the wood door jamb? You could still find a way for it to fit in on the door. Get it carved on the bottom, or for the added unique texture, you could paint them dark and light brown if you aim for that vintage style to go with painted trim and stained doors you just made.

I mean, these stained doors with painted trim is another way you could spice up your house while letting your imagination run wild without too much of an impact that might leave you bit remorseful the next day. These interior wood door frame theme could also be a way you leave your personal statement. You know, that little touches that give a glance of who you are.