DIY Tablecloth Dress & How to Make a Table Clothing Yourself!

Whether it’s for coffee table cloth, or that crave of yours for another DIY tablecloth dress, knowing how to make a table clothing can round up pretty well in your home décor repertoire, or your dress collection for all we know. #winkemoticonhere

Table clothing is a small but significant factor when it comes to home or venue décor. While it functions as protection for your table surface from any scratch or stains, it does add that little nice touches that can very well say who you are. If you know how to make a tablecloth even just for that dining table cloth of yours, you’ll find a new way to let your imagination put an extra color to your home.

DIY Tablecloth Dress & How to Make a Table Clothing

Measurement is the first key step you need to get right, be it for your coffee table cloth or dining tables cloth. Having your project of DIY tablecloth dress meaning you master on how to make a table clothing by knowing how to take measurement accurately.

how to make a table clothing-diy tablecloth dress-tablecloths fabricHow to Measure for A Tablecloth and Tablecloth Pattern

How to measure for a table cloth and what tablecloth pattern out there apart from tablecloth materials you can try for your DIY tablecloth project?

For rules of thumb, if your table is square, you need to get the exact measurement for the width and length. For circular table, get the diameter right. As for oval table, you need both the diameter, and length and width.

Then, you also need to know about your tablecloth length. For dinner setting, the length is commonly 12 inches. If you want your whole fabric tablecloths to cover the entire table, you need to make sure it has your table height or at least close to it. Take notes on this measurement on your tablecloth fabric and add an inch extra for the hem.

Simple Sewing and Heming for Any Tablecloth Fabric

Soon after buying the cloth, you are prepared to make it yourself. Lay the fabric tablecloths you bought on an even surface. If you don’t have big enough table for this, lay it on the floor. Make sure the fabric is facing down, so you have the rougher side is facing up. Draw a pattern depending on your measurement and cut from here.

If the table is too wide or big for the fabric, you can always add pieces. First, make sure the table top will be well covered. Then, complete the table cloth in pieces from the side. Simple sewing should do the work well.

dining tables cloth-coffe table clothMake Sure It is in Place and Styled

You aren’t finished until you try and see how this DIY tablecloth dress of yours fit in. When you’re done sewing and hemming, go ahead and try that coffee table cloth or the dining tables cloth yourself. See if there is anything to fix or to improve. For example, the length is probably too long and you need to shorten it. In this case, you can cut and repeat hemming, or simply fold the remaining length for hem instead.

You also need to line the tablecloth fabric yourself. Plastic is generally okay, but you may also like rubber despite how it feels in your hand. Rubber keeps the tablecloth fabric and its pattern stays in place. This will allow you to add more style on top of your fabric tablecloths. Think of pleats, fold and some nice touch of small ribbons for extra touch.

See how simple it is? That is all the basic you need to know on diy tablecloth dress, fabric tablecloths for dining tables cloth or coffee table cloth, or just how to make a table clothing you can be proud of.