DIY Balance Scale: How to Make A Balancing Scale For Kids

This DIY balance scale is how to make a balancing scale for kids and suits your need for another fun, yet simple diy activity to spend with your kids.

Learning parts of a balance scale in this DIY scale builds a solid foundation for your kids to physics knowledge. Making a diy balance scale is one of ways you can try to build this foundation, by first getting them familiarized with balancing scale pictures you can find all over internet, and build on those interest as they start wondering how to make a balancing scale as that next DIY project everyone can work on together.

DIY Balance Scale: How to Make A Balancing Scale For Kids

DIY Balance Scale_ How to Make A Balancing Scale for KidsWeight scales for kids is not that hard to make. But if you need a little bit of reminders, we lay out here steps on how to make a balancing scale for kids without much to sweat for.

DIY Scales Project: Get the Elements Ready

To make this balancing scale, we need several materials like:

  • 2 plastic cups
  • Twine
  • Cloth hanger (wooden, metal, and plastic should work fine)

This is how you prepare it:

Take the cups and make holes on each cup. The holes should be on the opposite of each other and close to the cups rims. Use a hole punch to make it. Set aside.

Now cut your twine to the same length. A foot length should be enough for this balancing scale. Cut the twine and lay it side by side. Make sure they have the same length. If not, adjust it by making another cut.

Now, we are ready to assemble it.

Putting Them Together

Putting the elements together in your DIY balancing scale isn’t that hard either.  Let’s do the following steps:

Take the cups and the twine. We are going to need a string of twine for each cup. Take one string and once cup, and then tie one tip of the twine in one of the holes. Do it the same way for the other tip and the other cup hole. Repeat the same thing to the other cup and twine.

If your hanger doesn’t have a notch, don’t tie the second tip of the twine yet. Slip the twine over the bottom part of the hanger, and then tie. If your hanger has a notch, you can simply hang the twin on the notch.

Try Using It

Now, let’s give it a try. Hang the cloth hanger on your closet bar or something similar in the house so the cups can hang properly. See if it is already in balance, in which both cups are on the same height or level. Now, try adding stuffs on each cup. Heavier load will lower the cups and vice versa.

This is DIY balance scale, the easiest way how to make a balancing scale for your kids. This option of DIY scale is the one which you should be able to find materials rather easy, and is still a fun activity for both your kids and you.