Bitmoji Long Hair: How to Make Your Hair Longer In Bitmoji App

Bitmoji has become rather popular with iPhone users, and as part of futile efforts to mirror ourselves in these social apps we love, knowing how to get that bitmoji long hair has proved quite handy for some.

Now you probably ask if there was ever an easy way on how to get long hair on bitmoji app, or how to make your hair longer on bitmoji, without me having to babble here a lot like I am sort of a lonely blogger who try to sound fancier than she is. I know, right? This SEO thing sucks.

Now back to your question..

It’s only natural to want to have better avatar than others, we covered this. For this reason, here is how to make your hair longer on bitmoji and all things you need to know on bitmoji long hair 101.

How to Make Your Hair Longer In Bitmoji App? First, Open Bitmoji App on Your Phone.

how to make your hair longer in bitmojiDon’t get mad. Your girl needs her filler words sometime. How else can she get other things to say on, well.. emoji app?

So, how did you start your quest on this whole bitmoji long hair thing?

If you cannot find the app, you could check that white smiley face on light green background. If you already have account, you will be logged in automatically. What if you are not logged in yet? Simply tap your preferred log in option; snapchat or any other way available right there.

If you do make make your bitmoji via snapchat, you should open Snapchat first. Then, gently tap profile icon on top left corner. Wait till your bitmoji is shown on the screen. Now you’re quite ready to edit bitmoji from your phone and learn how to get long hair on bitmoji app. (I know.. bear with me).

Choose Edit Button

how to get long hair on bitmoji appOnce you’re ready to find out how to get long hair on bitmoji app, you’re going to work with iPhone apps a little bit more now.

Once your app opened, go ahead and choose head and pencil icon. This is the “edit” function symbol. It’s a little different from some other apps you may have been familiar with. But you’ll get there.. and once you do, you will be directed to the editor page.

How to Get Long Hair on Bitmoji App: Work On Hairstyle

Once you’re on editor page, you should be able to adjust a lot of details on bitmoji long hair. There are several ‘tab options’ to kinda help users navigate these options. Since you’re going to work with hairstyle, make sure to choose hair tab. Find this tab between hair color and eyebrow.

bitmoji long hairAfter you enter hair style page, you should be able to see a lot of options that will answer your question on how to get long hair on bitmoji app. If it is in your avatar’s destiny to get his/her long hair, pick one model that has longest hair as you prefer. How to tell, you ask? Pay close attention to extra hair under both ears. Don’t be alarmed if you see different hair length and cut in different iPhone version. It is just a minor difference.

No one can tell. I promise.

Save Changes on Your Bitmoji Long Hair

Now that you have done playing with your bitmoji hair style, don’t just throw your phone like I did and  ‘forget’ to save it. Press the “save” button and wait for ‘wheel’ to be done.

That’s it.

I am sure you have your bitmoji long hair by now. Probably also a little mad with me.

But see it this way, why don’t you? Now that you know how to get long hair on bitmoji or even how to make your hair longer in bitmoji app, it’s time to practice and perfect your avatar. While you’re at it, maybe forget I dragged this post too long for the sake of words count?