Aluminium Siding Installation: How to Install Aluminum Siding Panels 101

How to install aluminum siding, you ask? Let’s get this straight first; aluminum siding installation IS absolutely a plus skill, if you need to cut some costs doing some works yourself when renovating your house, or just want to brag now and then.

There are many aluminum siding panels available which works well either way in protecting your wall almost as well as turning your neighbors head towards your house in the most subtle way possible. See? We understand.

Aluminium Siding Installation: How to Install Aluminum Siding 101

You need a few tools and materials, true. We’ll get to those later though, as you probably already got them all all, before even asking yourself how to remove aluminum siding or do aluminum siding installation by yourself in the first place.Let’s get the steps clear first. Those come down to these:

Prepare the wall for the installation.How to Install Aluminum Siding

We need to remove the entire old paint as well as caulking and putty. Before starting of your aluminium siding installation, clean the entire wall and hammer of any stray nails. If it is possible to remove it, remove the nails. Use wedges to fill depressions and dent in the wall.

 Underlay installation of aluminum siding panels

Foam board is a common option for DIY aluminium siding installation, since we can lay it straight and leave no gaps between each board. Set it on the wall and secure with nails. Double check before you move on to set the corner post on your panels. When you’re done, suspend it on the wall while trying to get into the right position, then finish it off while securing the whole thing with nails on the upper nail slots.

Aluminium Siding InstallationAdding up the footer

Footer is going to be the place where the starter trip will be set on. If you wonder how to install aluminum siding, as indicated by its name, it should be on the bottom. The procedure should be similar to the previous one of the steps we laid on you to do your own  .

Add the F Channel and J Channel

Using the same procedure in aluminum siding installation, add the F channel. It should be on the top part, and the sheets should be place under this channel later. Move on to caulking, as any opening should be sealed using caulk to make sure you have airtight seal. The J channel is for the door and window trim of your aluminum siding panels. It should be two times of the channel width longer. Make sure to cut the notches as well so they all fit well. Then, install it.

aluminum siding panelsStarter Sheet Installation

Slide the sheet bottom into the footer and then spare some space for a little expansion, if any. Then you need to slide the end, the one that meets the corner part. Keep doing the same way up. Lock the bottom part of the aluminum sidings panels with the top of the next sheet. Trim panels near the corners, doors, and windows. You can use circular saw for this. Cut sheet top extra width. Then, lock the bottom and slide it under the trim eave.

And you are done. These are basically the steps on how to install aluminum siding. It isn’t complicated, but yes, doing aluminum siding installation yourself does takes time to finish. Make sure to read and learn from these steps first, and get yourself around your chosen aluminum siding panels before committing yourself to the work.