5 Neat Secrets on How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass


    How to remove spray paint from glass? That one annoying spot you’ve been staring at all day?

    We know you’ve probably mastered that skill on how to remove spray paint from plastic properly. But sometimes the process of painting the walls still leaves paint stains in your glass or mirrors that will require different set of techniques to get rid of.

    Often you wonder how to get spray paint off glass as that stubborn stain sticks and splashes onto the tile floor of your simple minimalist home and made its way to your mirror and glasses.

    Annoying, we know!

    Which is why we will share you these simple ways on how to remove spray paint from glass easily.

    Here goes.

    5 Neat Secrets How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass.

    How to remove paint off glass using sandpaper

    The first way to clean glass from paint is to use sandpaper. First of all, rinse the glass first using water. Next, you can help scrape the paint stains slowly using sandpaper. Remember to be careful and not press too much so that the glass doesn’t get scratched.

    Get Spray Paint off Glass by Upcycling Your Old Toothbrush
    How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass
    How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass

    The first step is to rub the glass surface that is stained with paint with a slightly moistened washcloth. Next, wipe the surface again using another dry cloth so that the remaining stain sticks. Then you can gently scrape the paint with one of your toothbrush that has run its course. That’s it!

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    Removing Spray Paint Using Paint Thinner
    how to get spray paint off glass
    how to get spray paint off glass

    Thinner can be used to clean stains attached to the tile floor as well as removing spray paint from your glass or mirror.  To do this trick, simply use a cotton cloth and make sure it drip in moderately enough, otherwise wash the area that you want to clean slowly.

    Make sure not to rub the spot against your finger as to avoid affected area not to get any wider. Fair warning tho, thinner has a thick and strong odor, so after you finish cleaning paint stains make sure you clean your glass again by thoroughly washing and rinsing it.

    How to Get Spray Paint off Mirror by Cleaning It Using Scrap

    Scarp can be easily found at the nearest building store from your home environment. Don’t forget to buy a scarp at the same time with the handle so it’s easier to use when you want to clean. The way to implement this trick by using scrap is to simply rub it slowly on the part with the paint stain. Do not use too much pressure to avoid another scratch on your glass surface.

    Remove Spray Paint from Glasses Using Good ‘ol Vinegar

    Vinegar is often used as a cleaning agent, and you might as well use it if you wonder how to remove spray paint from glass and got no result trying everything else. Vinegar has an acid content that can bury certain substances so that it can shed stubborn stains attached to the surface of the glass floor. The method is simply to wipe the part using a cloth that has been dripped in vinegar before. Rinse slowly and let vinegar do its job.

    There you go; 5 simple ways on how to remove spray paint from glass and mirrors. Have you tried any of them before? Or probably have some secret weapon of your own on how to get spray paint off glass? Let us know in comment section!

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