Mama’s Tips & 5 Natural Hair Products for Toddlers With Curls

Your child has curly hair, and you want to find that natural hair products for toddler that will make your both life easier? I got you!

I know the feeling of wanting to teach my second son how to take care of his hair, whilst explaining to him that his curly hair is beautiful, and making him believe in the pleasure of taking care of it.

Believe me, it is a big step for toddler. One that I sure need help for. So, shall we?

Natural Hair Products for Toddlers with Curly Hair: The Basics.

Children’s hair and scalp, especially with those who have curly hair are particularly sensitive. The pH conditioning of their scalp is not really into acidity and therefore needs a very mild shampoo. Luckily, they also don’t need to be washed every other day since these hair tend to produce very little sebum.

5 Natural Hair Products for Toddlers With Curls-inner

If you don’t know already, chemical and toxic products such as parabens, silicones and sulfates to name a few, are to be avoided within your children’s hair products. They are very aggressive and can cause scalp irritations, or even worse, hair loss.

Likewise, avoid using heat on your children’s hair as much as possible. The hair dryer is not an option this early one since it can also cause irritation in their scalp.

We don’t want all that nasty stuffs, now do we?

If you’re an oil addicts like me, may I remind you too, that the use of essential oils is not recommended before 7 years of age.

It might be best to ask recommendation and advice from your doctor before using essential oil for your children, because some oils are strictly prohibited due to their potency and irritation risk to your children’s skin.

So, what now?

For starters, kids with healthy curly hairs need a very gentle routine that comes down to just two steps.

First, a cleansing treatment, must be carried out once or twice a week which will remove all the small impurities from the scalp, perspiration, and other dirt that gets easily trapped in children’s hair.

For this step, I mostly chose these products, Loly’s Secrets Bubble Dream kids shampoo and Black O Natural Detangling children’s shampoo simply because they have worked pretty well with my kid’s hair.

Right after that, comes the steps we all know too well, detangling treatment. For mine, I often chose help in the form of a leave-in cream, just so I can leave it on, to make things easier.

Now detangle your child’s hair gently with soft, non-aggressive brush to preserve lengths and avoid breakage. Use particularly a small one for curly hair or a comb with large teeth, which will prevent your kid from crying as you try untangling those knots in their hair.

Once you’re done, you can use dry towel, which allows you to significantly reduce the drying time of your children’s curly hair without using the hairdryer.

A Morning Routine for Beautiful Curls All Day

Before going to bed, if your children’s hair is long and tangle easily, do not hesitate to braid it. Then in the following morning, use a detangling spray on your children’s hair (I chose Beautiful Loop Curly Hair Spray and sometime, Urtekram Children’s Calendula Spray, or you can also simply opt for a water spray, combined with a leave-in cream).

Choosing a natural hair products for toddlers like these ones in the morning, will help protect your kid’s beautiful curly hair from external aggression while still avoiding knots that comes from when they sleep.

With your kid’s head tilted forward, let your kid get involved by teaching him to pull his hair up towards his scalp in small pressures, as if to press the curl and help him find his pretty shape.

Cute moment guaranteed!

Thanks to natural hair products for toddlers like mine, his beautiful curly hair (at least according to his mom) is pretty healthy and have chance to grow well. Crossing my finger, that it’ll be without breakage and hopefully with those pretty well-formed, hydrated and nourished curls.