5 Flowers That Open at Night as Your Very Own Good Night Flowers!

There’s something about flowers that open at night that somehow melts that gooey part of my heart. I admit, that though enjoying the flowers during the day is something I dig, for obvious reasons, me and hubby are one of those boring old couples who simply love the sight of these good night flowers  as we watch the sun went on, while sipping in our old boring tea mugs.

What can I say, it is what it is.

So if you’re thinking of adding good night flowers, if  you wish to call them like we do..  I promise these 5 varieties  of flowers that open after the days get dark, might just surprise the curious little gardener in you!

Why, you ask? Duh! Not only they look beautiful in somewhat mysterious, enchanted kinda ways, they’re also heavenly to smell when you walk around your garden releasing the stress you had during the day. I mean.. really. What else can one hope for from that garden of yours?

5 Flowers That Open at Night. Yes! Your Very Own Good Night Flowers for that Enchanted Garden You’ve Been Dreaming On!

Tropical Night Blooming Water Lilies

If you have a pond in your garden, getting blooming water lilies will be a great idea. They are easy to grow, with beautiful wide range varieties for you to choose, those combination of colorful flowers no one can resist. When they bloom perfectly, the diameter can very well reach to 12 feet and it needs 65°F pond temperature to live.

Night Blooming Jasmine

5 Flowers That Open at Night to Have in Your Garden Now
5 Flowers That Open at Night to Have in Your Garden Now

The variety is originally from South Asia and West Indies, and one of those white flower with pink center kinds which smells just heavenly as they look elegantly beautiful.

For you to grow them as one of your opening night flowers, you’d need mostly sandy and moist soil for them to grow well.

As one of those blooming flowers that bloom at night, like the name suggests, blooming jasmine mostly bloom perfectly during warm nights. The shrub can get into six to 13 feet tall. That said, please be warned as these flowers and their berries can be toxic, so you might wanna make sure you keep it out of children reach.


Native to tropical and subtropical regions of the New World, moonflower grows best in major areas in America and often referred to as among those texas flowers names. This evening flowers will close up in the morning and open in the dusk. Its white pink blossom, just like big white lillies, indeed looks like a moon, which explains the name. These night beauties require warm temperature to grow and bloom perfectly during summer and spring. Oh! I bet you will love the smell that would last all night long.

good night flowers

Four O’clock Flower

Now this beauty is variety of flower that grows in the dark and bloom only in the evening. It should close up again when morning comes. It has several variations of colors too including white, blue, yellow, pink, and red. Yes, they will fit perfectly to create enchanted garden of your very own!

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Night Blooming Cereus

These blooming floral at night, also known as cactus genus member, are mostly found in Southern Arizona and Mexico. What interesting is, not only the flower opens only at night. It actually opens only one night in a year, commonly around June to July. Talk about rare jewel! You bet it has the most pleasant smell as well. Though once it blooms, it will close up, well, forever. Which also explains the flower popularity as one among those plant themed names people look for to name newborns. Then again, the name does ring preciousness, don’t you think?

Convinced, yet?

Seriously tho, try add some of these flowers that open at night in your garden, and I promise these ‘good night flowers’ will mesmerize you with both their beauties and their add up fragrance to your house at night is a nice touch that’ll make it worth your while!