3 Proven Ways How to Remove Scuffs From Leather Shoes

Many people do not realize that they need to know how to remove scuffs from leather shoes until their precious pair gets old.

It is not too late now to learn how to remove scuff marks from leather shoes, even if you just had to throw scuffed shoe of your like how you always did.

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Leather ShoesIn fact, you might just be able to fix this error using daily things you have at home. Shall we learn more on those multi-function items you didn’t know you had?

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Leather Shoes using Petroleum Jelly

Some of you might not be familiar with its original name. Many people know the brand instead; Vaseline. This jelly is unscented and has no color. It is perfect as scuff remedy, particularly smaller scuffs shoes. Make sure to brush and wipe clean leather shoes before starting the procedure.

Take dry and clean cloth. Use it to apply Vaseline on scuff mark. Remember to apply it while doing circular motion gently. Then, allow it to sit for around ten minutes. Using other parts of the cloth, wipe away the excess jelly. Your leather should look better and the scuff fade away.

Mighty Hair Dryer for Your Scuffed Shoe! 

Another item you could use is hair dryer. This is a great tool to miss when you need to know how to remove scuffs from leather shoes. However, some people might say that it doesn’t work well. There is one reason why hair dryer could be a disaster; shoes owner put on too high temperature. In this case, the heat will burn leather shoes surface.

Scuffed ShoeIn order to avoid the scene, then make sure to set temperature to warm. Now apply heat on scuffed area for a while. Then, use your hand to softly massage scuffed area. Upon your first touch, you must be able to feel warmth. If leather surface is not hot, then turn on the hair dryer again.

How to Remove Scuffs from Leather Shoes: White Vinegar

No one expect that white vinegar has such great benefits for scuffed leather shoes. It is more popular as house cleaning agent, right?

How to Remove Scuffs from Leather ShoesWell, to be able to do its job, you will need a cotton ball or swap. Dip either tool in white vinegar and gently tap it on scuffed shoe. You only need small amount, too much might end up making things worse.

Still using the cotton ball or swap, dab scuffed area on leather shoes. Allow it to dry. When it has dried, apply a layer of colorless polish. Your scuffed mark will be gone from eyesight.

A pair or just even onescuffed shoe can put your mind into another sleepless. Just learn these steps on how remove scuffed marks from leather shoes, using things you find in everyone’s house. If you’ve been fortunate to experience this… like we told you, it’s never too early to learn these little tricks on how to remove scuffs from leather shoes. If leather shoes are your thing, we guarantee you’ll need these one day.